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About Us

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by.  The goal of Montana Grrl Critter Gear is to help critters stay stylish while showing their unique pawsonality one piece of gear at a time!

My name is Jessie and I created Montana Grrl Critter Gear in 2012 when a friend who rasies Golden Retreivers needed collars for her puppies.  She had been talking with my mom about what she was looking for and Mom said " Jessie can make those for you". So, I found out the steps and purchased the fabric.  I turned on my Grandma's 1950's Bernina sewing machine and Montana Grrl was born.

You can see the pretty Goldens at:

And here are a few pictures of the first Montana Grrl collars:



All the critter gear is handmade by me in Montana.  I am supervised by my two dogs - a Boxer cross (Bunter)  and a Scottie dog (Cubby). They make quite the pair. They are also great models and offer inspiration for new products to develop.  They also help take packages to the post office!


You might be wondering why there is no nylon webbing in the collars.  Many critters have nylon allergies.  You may see your pet scratching often at their collar. It might be because the webbing is irritating their neck and catching their fur.  Webbing can also hold on to the "stink" - as a pet lover, you know what I am talking about.  My collars are machine washable, just use cold water and a mesh bag. Or you can hand wash them.  They should be dried out flat.  A wet collar can also be put on your pet in the hot months to keep them cooler.